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The Drape & Light Company

"In 1991, I started a plant rental company that supplies foliage for special events. In 1997, I saw an opportunity to supply other services to my customer base. Because of the way that I came to be a vendor of these services, it became necessary to create two distinct businesses from both operational and accounting standpoints.

The process of this separation of the accounting appeared daunting and was repeatedly put off. But as the businesses continued to grow and demand more and more of my time, so did the paperwork and thus the size of the job of implementing a needed accounting distinction and system. When Aaron came to work with me there were two operations, but they were run through a single set of books.

To put it simply: Aaron walked into a storm. When he was done, a system was in place that allowed for a high degree of accuracy, tracking of income and costs as well as meaningful financial analysis based on current data.

The willingness to forge ahead with the details of data entry and the process in general, while remaining flexible and adjusting the implementation of the QuickBooks program which we were using and continue to use, was crucial to the successful systems we have in place today."

—Anderson D., Principle


"Dear Aaron:
In our fast-paced world, we seldom stop and say "thank you" to someone who has helped one out of a jam or jams. On many occasions, I have called you and stated that we need help on a given situation and you were more than willing to help. The results of your actions have always been very positive and our clients have been more than pleased with your results.

I guess we should have a stamp made up for when you take an assignment from us and the stamp would say "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" as we know you will bring positive results. The employees in Kentucky ask quite often when you will be returning. Thanks again for all of your outstanding help!"

—James J. Jr., President

Antakamatics, Inc.

"Aaron has worked wonders for our accounting system. Completely overhauled and streamlined our bookkeeping saving us a significant amount of money, and providing peace of mind. He has a masterful command of business accounting being a businessman himself; yet explains even the most complicated concepts in easy-to-understand terms. Plus, he is a QuickBooks Wizard. Thank you Aaron!"

—James A., Ph.D., President

Informatics Studios, Inc.

"I give my highest recommendations to AccountAbility. They were able to quickly understand, organize and bring real value to our bookkeeping and accounting needs. They have streamlined our internal financial processes and provided expert understanding to our accounting software system helping us achieve efficiency, track important financial information and increase the cost-effectiveness of our processes."

—Todd C., Director